DJI Black Friday Sale 2020

So, DJI released their Black Friday Sale information today! I was super excited when I saw that because I’ve been waiting to see what goes on sale so that I could place my order for the DJI Mavic Air 2 that I have been drooling over since I got my pilot’s license. If you want the details of the sale, just head over here. My summary is below.

The sale mostly sucks. Well, I should say that there weren’t any real surprises or any deep discount like I was hoping for. You can grab a DJI Mini for $359, but I am not sure why you would given the recent release of the DJI Mini 2. If I remember right, there were better deals on the original Mini when it came on sale during Prime day this year. The Osmo Pocket is a whopping $120 off and the Osmo Action is 46% off. I guess those are pretty good deals if you are looking for a camera, which I am not. Also, the Pocket 2 has been released so it mostly feels like DJI is trying to move out old stock.

Did I mention that they have 700 canvas bags that they are giving away? Because those cost like what, 50 cents to produce?

So, truth be told, I’m a little underwhelmed by the offerings. In general, that’s been my feeling about Black Friday sales in general. I feel like they have really dropped off in significance over the past few years and, especially given the economic hardships going on right now, I am not sure that I was really expecting too much.

But I’m still really excited! Why? Because I was planning on buying a DJI Air 2 anyway and since they released their Black Friday sales today that means I don’t have any reason to wait any longer! So, I pulled the trigger and ordered the Fly More Combo! Woo hoo! I added a 128GB microSD card too because, well, I’m too lazy to order one from Amazon I guess. And with my educator discount, I still saved over $100!

So, of course, I keep going to the order page with the absolutely unrealistic expectation that they will ship it within hours of me placing my order…

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