Exploring Michigan State University by drone

I am a proud MSU alumni so I was very excited when my wife suggested that we take a quick day trip to MSU. Knowing that they have more than a few good restaurants in the area only sweetened the deal. Even though we knew that we would be dining in our car, the sun was shining and we were eager to get out of the house. I’ve found that exploring familiar places by drone is a lot of fun. On top of that, when it’s cold out it makes it easy to hop into the car and warm up as necessary. We started out at the MSU Horticultural Gardens since it was a picturesque location and I actually used to work in the greenhouses nearby. While the gardens are hardly at their peak in December, the patterns were cool to see from above.

The real highlight of the trip was taking a look at Spartan Stadium. Of course, campus was pretty much empty so parking was easy and we didn’t have to worry about the drone freaking anyone out. Of course, I did make sure to check for airspace regulations and bring my pilot’s license with me. Not because I need it for recreational flying, but because I am dying for someone to ask to see it. Lol! Unfortunately, it’s still the paper temporary one. Anyway, it was a great day. Here are some of my photos and video. Excellent photo editing credit to my talented wife www.chinlingphotography.com.

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