Apple Mountain and Dow Gardens by drone

I don’t have any particularly exciting narrative, other than Chinling and I thought it might be fun to checkout the newly fallen snow and enjoy a little lunch date eating Japanese food in our car. It’s not quite the same as dining our, but the company was fabulous. 😉 We decided to explore a couple nearby locations. Apple Mountain is a restaurant , conference center, and golf course close to our house. They used to have a small ski slope so it seemed worth checking out. Dow Gardens is an amazing location in Midland where we actually had out engagement photos taken. From the ground, it is perhaps not as spectacular in the winter (and closed right now); however, there were some great shots that I got from the air and I was particularly satisfied with the shots that I got of the Alden B. Dow house. As always, thanks to Chinling Photography for the amazing edits!

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